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Our philosophy is to equip players with the necessary tools designed to maximise their ability to enjoy the game.

We achieve this through:

  • Providing a positive learning environment to promote Fun, Skill & Fitness.
  • Designing activities to best meet the defined learning outcomes for each level.
  • Encouraging individuals to take ownership in their development.
  • Facilitation/Monitoring of an individual’s progression and providing effective feedback/reporting to enhance their improvement throughout the program lifecycle.
  • Encourage early parent participation to assist with knowledge transfer of methods & techniques to be practiced on-going outside the realms of the Kickin’ Goals program.

Level 1:

Introductory level program designed to provide children with basic understanding and development of skills covering the core components.

The children get an opportunity to practice a variety of skills & techniques in a controlled & supportive environment, building their self-confidence in the process and provide opportunities to demonstrate their skills as per the defined learning outcomes.

Parent participation is encouraged.

Level 2:

Builds on the development of methods and techniques established in Level 1. Level 2 covers a broader range of skills and techniques designed to further improve an individual’s self-confidence whilst in possession of the ball.

Parent participation is further encouraged at this level.

Level 3:

Is a more intensive program designed to further enhance the child’s skill development covering the core components. Greater emphasis is applied to the correct execution of techniques developed and the children need to demonstrate under varying conditions i.e. No Pressure, Passive Pressure (No tackling), Full Pressure (1 v 1).


Squads program is designed to provide individuals with an all encompassing approach to their development. Up until this point of the Player Development Lifecycle, the “Technical” component has been the main focus.

At this level, we introduce other components which include: Physical Development, Nutrition, Individual & Team Analysis, Psychological Development and Career Education.

High intensity sessions are conducted at squad level to simulate match day conditions. Methods and techniques established in Level 3 are further exercised in game related activities that integrate principles of the game.


"Be the BEST you can be..."